Our principle

President Yasuhisa Nakano
1. We are heading for the first-rate company in growing the employees.1. We are heading for the first-rate company in manufacturing the products.1. We are heading for the first-rate company in managing the company.
Corporate culture is born from a pursuit of the

By further improving the technology and productivity built up over the years, Nakano is continually striving to provide society with the products it needs, and thus help the people of Japan and the rest of the world to lead richer, more fulfilling lives.

What makes this development possible is an atmosphere in which employees can improve themselves, learn from each other, and grow up together. That breeds an unbeatable spirit of challenge and helps to create things that are truly valuable, i.e. "genuine articles".

This is what the company's corporate culture is founded upon. And that is Nakano Manufacturing: a company that is highly valued by its customers, possesses well balanced management resources, has access to a wide range of data with a variety of applications, and continues to pursue further development.

We will continue to develop the enterprise structure with even greater powers of creative planning, development, presentation and execution, and thus produce even better products.

We hope we can count on your continued support and cooperation.

President Yasuhisa Nakano

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